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ACUDEO College, established in 2015, is a distinguished educational institution with a presence across Gauteng through our four campuses. Our educational approach at ACUDEO is centered on inspiring and empowering young individuals to confidently embrace the future. All four of our campuses are English medium schools, featuring state-of-the-art facilities and an innovative curriculum that includes subjects like Coding and Robotics, ensuring our students are well-prepared for the challenges of the fourth industrial revolution. We take pride in our holistic education philosophy, providing students with comprehensive knowledge and practical tools across all aspects of their lives to yield positive outcomes.

Your child deserves an education that is high in quality, holistic in nature, and relevant to the evolving world. Look no further than ACUDEO College, where quality education is not only a commitment but a tradition.

ACUDEO College is firmly rooted in Christian faith and principles, embodying the wisdom of Solomon: "Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it." (Proverbs 22:6). Every facet of our campuses, from spirituality and academics to emotional development, sports, and relationships, is meticulously designed to inspire and equip our students to become trailblazers in both local and global contexts.

The name "ACUDEO" combines "Acumen," signifying the ability to think clearly, make wise decisions, and exercise sound judgment, with "Deo," which means God in Greek. ACUDEO symbolizes the pursuit of knowledge and skills in the presence and under the guidance of God.

Are you in search of a well-rounded educational institution for your child? Do you desire a school that consistently produces exceptional learners and steadfastly upholds its principles? Look no further, as ACUDEO College is the ideal choice. Simply locate the campus nearest to you, reach out to us, and our Marketing and Admissions team will provide you with all the necessary information on how to join the ACUDEO College family. Your child's educational journey with us begins here.


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Choose from one of 4 ACUDEO Colleges across Gauteng

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