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ACUDEO College choir singing to the rest of the school.


ACUDEO College originated in 2013, the availability of land zoned for education institutions in newly developed towns and suburbs and a funding relationship with SEIIFSA (Schools and Education Investment Impact Fund of South Africa). Since then four campuses have been constructed from scratch and the brand is now represented in Tshwane (three campuses), Soweto and Benoni.

ACUDEO College

Education Philosophy

Our mission is clear and unwavering: Grounded in Christian principles, we are dedicated to inspiring and empowering young individuals to confidently embrace the future through the provision of high-quality holistic education.  


  • Our schools were founded and remain founded in Christian principles. By far the majority of our parents have bought into this and have chosen the school for this reason. The Christian character of a school is evident in various practices e.g. the reading of Scripture, prayer and meditation and the celebration of Christian remembrance days or holidays, amongst others. As well as  promoting interaction between learners, parents, educators and other stakeholders.

  • Our values originate from the Christian faith e.g. non-discrimination, forgiveness, tolerance, humility, care for the needy and a clear distinction between what is wrong and right, shall also surface constantly in the daily programme of the school. Our Christian foundation however does not imply any form of discrimination against learners of other faith orientations but does require full participation in the programme of the school, which contains elements of Christian faith practice.

  • It means that we wish to employ and develop educators and staff to live a value-driven life, and to serve as good role models to the learners they take care of. We encourage creativity and innovation, to be resilient and determined, to be warm-hearted and engaging and to exploit any opportunity for growth and learning.

  • It entails our commitment to provide not only the academic knowledge prescribed by the curriculum we follow, but supplement that with extensive skills development in our learners.

  • We specifically refer to young people as this is the orientation in which we would wish to engage all our learners. We are driven by the opportunity education presents to empower young people for life.

  • To embrace something means to accept something willingly or enthusiastically and it is this type of attitude and conduct we would see as a consequence of us living our purpose as a group of schools.

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