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Welcome to Club Engage

in proud partnership with Acudeo College

Club Engage brings parents an internationally benchmarked, structured and professional after-school and holiday-care programme, that is fresh, exciting and engaging.


Our focus is to provide a loving, caring, home-away-from-home environment for your children where there will be loads of learning, fun and personal development.

Club Engage provides a safe and secure environment for the quality care of pre-primary and primary school children, through a structured well-balanced aftercare and holiday programme.


We achieve this by thinking ahead, anticipating what children might like to do, by having planned activities and supervised free play and by keeping them engaged and happy.

During our aftercare and holiday programmes, our REACH curriculum guides our day but is applied dependent on the theme for the week.


Our daily activity is linked to the overall theme but each day we:

Run and Play Outdoor play and team sports. Encouraging ball skills, teamwork, rules of a sport, obstacle course and fitness circuits.

Experiments and Science The world of robotics, science, biology, experiments, coding and STEM helps children to understand the world around them.

Arts Where imagination meets creativity. Children are given the opportunity to create art through a variety of mediums including painting, clay, drawing, etc

Create Encourage children to explore and create by unlocking concepts around numeracy and literacy. This can include scavenger hunts, solving a problem, puzzles and games like bingo.

Health Children learn about teamwork, their health, understanding their emotions, nutrition, looking after their bodies.

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